Halls of Madness

  1. GOBOSI [instrumental]
  2. After Me the Floods Contort my empathy, a rotting effigy A source of constant pain you will remain No more will I be swept aside No more will my voice not be heard Shattered your walls collapse around you Centered, a lonely worm you will remain As we prepare for the impending flood Forgetting all we've ever known, just to breathe Fuck your integrity, deception is all I see This knowledge I have gained shall not be won in vain And now they call you from the depths of Hell None will absolve you so well Endless obsession with death Somwhere beyond this world I know Lies my promised land but I must rise to meet the day Shot down into oblivion This beginning is where you end Now you lie bleeding from this world Slow death comes creeping for your soul
  3. Subsequential Revelation How worthy you seemed 'til I learned the truth Now I rue the day I befriended you... Bitch I've paid the price for destruction left in your wake Fantasizing obstruction wholly This fight is hopeless Decide what you want from this ending, Toil, feed the foul For too long I called you brother This mistake is done forever more Cutting the negative from life Gode, I tried to make this right Now I find the guts to stand Holding no remorse for sins committed in the wake of lies Now I curse your life to be Endlessly tortured and torn apart How worthy you seemed 'til I learned the truth My final shred of decency Is dying with you Murdered
  4. Eyes of Pestilence Infecting reaper, let our final plague begin If I can't have this world, no one will Receding deeper, into the void we call the future All shall rot I've shown you everything you thought you'd never know Vast oceans of pestilence where life never grows Die, rot, eyes of pestilence Lucid nightmare, as greed sentenced us to death Condemned to burn Death is better, to wash this parasite from life All consumed Final hour, let our judgement now condemn Our suicide Plague devour, let our rivers run with blood All defiled
  5. Halls of Madness Fearing every little thing Hopelessy languishing We have become a husk Of what we used to be Now we have been stripped of All but our existence Legions of shambling bodies Humanity rots at its core Those of us left here surviving Endlessly longing for more Endless thoughts of sadness Losing sense of time Our loved ones all are leaving All but their corpse behind Just pray you make it through the night To see the light of one more day No one longs to live in Hell But there is no other way I don't fear my death Just the becoming Of walking, rotting flesh A putrid former me Crushed skull Limbs splitting beside Entrails Exposed to the elements Defiled
  6. Ephemeral Seas [instrumental]
  7. Through Twisted Trees [instrumental]
  8. Eden Burns A fire burns before them Behind them a pillar of flame Before me the gardens of Eden Behind them a desert of waste Let go to all you've held so dearly Destroy your worldly cage The truth I've seen so clearly Memory fueling the rage Burning the gardens of Eden Releasing the angel that fell Still stoking the fires that feed him Embracing our journey through Hell Don't despair Conquer all Feed the fight for freedom Living in honor we'll grow A fire now surrounds me I've become the pillar of flame No longer will I bow before your false god I refuse to kneel like a coward
  9. Towards Obliteration How will you react in the true face of evil? Will you rise against and beseech the deceiver? Can't you see we're falling deeper into all we consume towards obliteration? Do what you're told, buy what you're sold, whithout any question The common man is now the common whore Ignorance is the bane of existence Destroying knowledge with unyielding persistence A fucking blow to our evolution We must escape this mental convolusion A silver tongue spinning lies as they turn to fact A step too far into Hell, there's no turning back This war is never ending A true warrior never dies My will I'll keep defending No more will I devour lies I see mankind descending The downfall before my eyes Is everyone so blind?
  10. The Grand Coercion My existence is laden in cruelty Resist all you want in vain All of your efforts are sure to be Wasted on a deed that was fucked from the start Carrion maggots devour this lifeless corpse of Worlds begot by their greed, their lust, Their lies they tell to comfort All those that they manipulate in time This will never be forgotten Never again But I will remain Your world is wrought with your mistakes Gather now my minions I command you to kill in my name All of your lives are sure to be Wasted on my will be done Your life is worthless and fucked Heed my will and suffer in my rise To elevate yourself once before you die See the marks and scars from all of your deeds Pray for blood to hit the floor before words are spoken This is my declaration of war before the world's sure demise Creeping deeper into my dominion Reaping your souls for fun In this I will be taking pleasure Your thoughts are mine for me to make Dead hearts roam in hordes With no sign of their retreat Your world shall be forgotten Your lives shall be fogotten
  11. Awakening Now we must question who we are And what we're meant to be In this life I'll find some meaning Thrust on this path of redemption I've sworn to take knowing This will be no easy path But I won't break They'll never see it coming 'Til it's too fucking late No longer we'll be running From this fear that they create Don't give in to deception You're stronger than their lies Never lie in silence Never accept defeat You're so much better than this
  12. Possessing the Wretch Mind control at its finest Severed souls walk in silence Fearing the face of their oppression Afraid to be the opposition Your life holds no meaning As long as I'm breathing Heed my agenda Witness the end of your hope Possessing the wretch I'll make you feel my anger I'll make you fear my reign Forever I'll mkae you feel this anger I'll make you feel my pain Forever Possessing the wretch Why deny your role in this? Rise to heights of wealth and power Try and hide, but it is futile Now you die