Towards Obliteration

  1. Waking Dream I feel it's time to raise the dead And rethink all you've ever said One look into your hollowed eyes I know your breath holds only lies I feel it's time to slip away Today I've said all that I've got to say Pray for mercy from an open mind Tonight this shallow bondage dies Who do the fuck you think you are? You're not my world, you're not my god As memories sink into the past We must admit it'd never last And in the end you realize Take one more step and you will die Senses lying in the past This waking dream, it cannot last All this time spent building to destroy Time slowly slipping into the void A zombified awakening To all the pain that we have seen Nothing rests until you're gone This self-abuse is fucking done All this time spent building to destroy Time slowly slipping into the void Cut out your heart and bleed As I depart from needing you
  2. Towards Obliteration How will you react in the true face of evil? Will you rise against and beseech the deceiver? Can't you see we're falling deeper into all we consume towards obliteration? Do what you're told, buy what you're sold, whithout any question The common man is now the common whore Ignorance is the bane of existence Destroying knowledge with unyielding persistence A fucking blow to our evolution We must escape this mental convolusion A silver tongue spinning lies as they turn to fact A step too far into Hell, there's no turning back This war is never ending A true warrior never dies My will I'll keep defending No more will I devour lies I see mankind descending The downfall before my eyes Is everyone so blind?
  3. Eyes of Pestilence Infecting reaper, let our final plague begin If I can't have this world, no one will Receding deeper, into the void we call the future All shall rot I've shown you everything you thought you'd never know Vast oceans of pestilence where life never grows Die, rot, eyes of pestilence Lucid nightmare, as greed sentenced us to death Condemned to burn Death is better, to wash this parasite from life All consumed Final hour, let our judgement now condemn Our suicide Plague devour, let our rivers run with blood All defiled
  4. Wasted
  5. Eden Burns A fire burns before them Behind them a pillar of flame Before me the gardens of Eden Behind them a desert of waste Let go to all you've held so dearly Destroy your worldly cage The truth I've seen so clearly Memory fueling the rage Burning the gardens of Eden Releasing the angel that fell Still stoking the fires that feed him Embracing our journey through Hell Don't despair Conquer all Feed the fight for freedom Living in honor we'll grow A fire now surrounds me I've become the pillar of flame No longer will I bow before your false god I refuse to kneel like a coward